Forms and payment must be received no later than December 15, 2017


Please print LEGIBLY and fill out completely!!

Member Name:__________________________________________             NCGA#:______________
Address:________________________________________________             City:_________________
State:__________________________________________________              Zip:__________________
E-Mail Address:_________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________ (This is an NCGA Requirement!)

2018 No-Mads Dues (Mandatory):              $66.00 (Pays club operating expenses).
NCGA Initial Dues (Mandatory):                $49.00 (Mandatory NCGA fee)
Hole-In-One Contest:                                   $5.00

Total:                                                                 $120.00

LATE FEE: $25.00 (If renewal is received after December 15, 2017)

Total Amount Paid:                            $ _________(enter total amount paid)
Please fill out this form and mail in - even if you are paying your Renewal Fees via PayPal.

Please Note: New Members MUST fill out the New Member Only Form!
Make your check payable to: NO-MADS GOLF CLUB
Mail completed form and check to:
No-Mads Golf Club P.O. Box 2481, Union City, CA 94587-9998
Questions? Email nomadsbod@gmail.com