We Are No-Mads


The No-Mads Golf Club, (Since 1965) is one of the oldest, continuously operating golf clubs in Northern California. The purpose of the club is to promote the game of golf among our members, honoring the traditions and integrity of the game.

The No-Mads Golf Club, (Since 1965), offers its members the opportunity to play in monthly club tournaments at golf courses throughout North Central California. We have no "home course", and that status provides the club with the flexibility to organize and schedule our tournaments at golf courses suggested by the members. We have a dedicated Tournament Coordinator who works tirelessly to contract with the course's we play, up to one year in advance. Check our events page to see the Schedule of Events. The club also maintains a prize fund for the top finishers in each tournament and our events always include a Hole-in-One or Closest to the Pin competition.

The No-Mads Golf Club, (Since 1965), is an Associate Club Member of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA). This affiliation allows club members to enjoy all of the benefits provided to members of the NCGA, as well as establishing and maintaing each members monthly Handicap Index. The club has a trained and certified Handicap Chairperson who ensures accurate handicapping and score posting for each club event. Visit the NCGA website for more information about services and benefits.

If you would like more information about the No-Mads, or are interested in joining, please view the Membership link of this website. You may also contact any of the club officers listed in the Contact Us link.




Question: How are points accumulated for the Golfer of the Year award and what other prizes are awarded?

Answer: Golfer of the Year is awarded to the member with the lowest average net score recorded for the year. To be eligible for Player of the Year, a member must play in a minimum of 7 club tournaments during the year. If a member participates in more than 7 events, the lowest 7 scores recorded are used to compute the average low net.

We also award three annual prizes for the best three players of the season. To be eligible for a prize you must participate in at least 7 events. The winners are determined by adding the 7 lowest Net Scores recorded for those events. The players with the lowest totals will be awarded the prizes.

 Ties are broken using the following system: If two or more players are tied (avg net score) at the end of the season, the lowest net score of the season will be used as tie breaker. If that doesn't break the tie then the next lowest Net Score of the season is used, then the #3 lowest score, then #4, etc, etc,etc. If it turns out that the tie cannot be broken after 10 tournament scores a tie is declared and the players divide any prize that may be associated with the position in which they have finished.

Question: How do I enter a No-Mads tournament?

Answer: Prior to each scheduled tournament you will receive an entry form that will indicate the course, date and time of the tournament as well the date by which your entry must be received. Simply complete the form and send it, (along with your entry fee), to the address indicated on the form. You will also have the opportunity to enter the "closest to the hole" (Closey) contest for that tournament. Add an additinal $10 to the entry fee if you wish to participate in the "closey" contest. You may also enter the "closey" contest by paying the $10 fee, in cash, on the date of play.

Question: How will I know what group I am playing with and what my starting time will be?

Answer: About one week prior to the date of play you will receive a form indicating your group and starting time, along with you current handicap index and course handicap. Also included will be any special instructions necessary for that particular tournament. Please read these instructions carefully each month as they are subject to change with each course we play at. You may also view groups, starting times and handicaps on the "starting times" page of this website.

Question: How do I post my scores?

Answer: For our own events, our handicap chair will post the results for you. Otherwise, the NCGA wants you to post your score at the course you played, on the day you played. Sometimes that is just not possible, so you can then do it online at www.ghin.com or www.ncga.org .

Question: How does my handicap index get calculated?

Answer: The USGA has a wonderful explanation. Our Handicap Chairperson and or President can assist you in establishing your handicap if you do not have a current or valid handicap.

Question: How do we break ties in our tournaments?

Answer: Ties are broken using a very simple, but effective and honored system. If two or more players are tied (net score) at the end of a round, the lowest Net Score on the Back Nine is used as a tie breaker. If the tie is not broken at that point, the lowest Net Score on the Front Nine is used. If that doesn't break the tie then the low Net Score on the #1 handicap hole is used, then the #2 handicap hole, then #3, etc, etc,etc. If it turns out that the tie cannot be broken after 18 holes a tie is declared and the players divide any prize that may be associated with the position in which they have finished.

Question: How is the Hole-in-One money distributed?

Answer: Any eligible member who scores a hole-in-one during any scheduled club event will be awarded a club voucher in an amount equal to the money in the prize fund. All members will be offered a chance to reenter the contest the following month to "rebuild" the prize fund. If no hole-in-one is scored during the year, the eligible player recording the closest to the hole for the year will be awarded the prize.

Question: Do I need to register in advance for a tournament?

Answer: All players must register in advance of a tournament. No walk-on players will be allowed to play.